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Marilou Bio Exclusive: New Marine-based Skincare

Posted by Marilou on

Finally, it's here. After lot of time, energy, dedication, trials and errors, we made it. We are very excited to present you our brand  new product line based on marine ingredients.

Marine based Skincare

The Fucus, Star Ingredient of the Marine-based Skincare

Yes, marine ingredients. We have been exploring the bottom of the ocean, swimming with fish and mermaids, to bring you the very best of nature.

And we found what we were looking for. 

It's a seaweed called Fucus, growing on rocky surfaces exposed at low tides.
We are not exactly the first one to discover its amazing properties, because this brown seaweed was already used back in roman times for body treatments.

Properties of the Fucus

Very rich in mineral substances, it  hydrates and regenerates skin tissues. It has excellent moisturizing properties. 

It also contains lot of Vitamin C, which helps to combat the free radicals responsible for skin aging. 

The alginates find in the seaweed have gelling abilities, which results in forming films on the skin that deeply moisturize it.
Furthermore, the polysaccharide of the Fucus stimulate the blood microcirculation.

Benefits of our Marine-based and Organic Skincare

Our Marilou Bio's new Marine-based range is Bursting with Beauty Benefits

Its marine ingredients are bringing pure vitality into each product. The cosmetics were conceived in order to offer women vitality, comfort and freshness. 

The uniqueness of the cosmetics stands in the perfect combination of riches of the sea and strict natural standards. It is a nice and original addition to the existing beauty care products.

Marine Fucus Cosmetics

The Power of Marine Ingredients

We chose to use marine ingredients because we know they have very powerful properties. 

Seaweeds possess very strong hydrating powers that leave the skin replenished after use. 

The star ingredient, the Fucus, deeply moisturize the skin.
All the Marine-based products have fresh, innovative and sensorial textures that are pleasant to use. They leave on your skin a subtle scent with marine and salty notes.

Power of Marine Ingredients

Organic Products that are Gentle with the Skin

Our products are all natural, which means that all their active ingredients are well absorbed. Furthermore, products are very gentle on the skin, repairing and protecting it without attacking it. Their  natural ingredients bring you well-being and real effectiveness.

Our Marine-based skin care is particularly adapted for devitalized and demineralized skin. It is the perfect product for those who have thick facial skin that lacks tone.

Consumers Already Love It!

We are so glad that the first users of our Marine-based cosmetics loved it so much.

A consumer test, which involved applying the four products over 21 days, resulted in a very enthusiastic response from the panelists.
100% satisfaction for three products in the range, and 91% satisfaction for one product.

Marine-based Cosmetics loved by Customers

Don't hesitate and come take a look at this  unique range of products.

And if you have any suggestions or comments to make, let us know in the comment section.
We always really appreciate your feedback!

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