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My Anti-Aging Secrets

Posted by Marilou on

To keep wrinkles at bay, you may interested in discovering my anti-aging secrets.

We cannot escape from aging. It’s a natural and normal process to undergo. Well, like most of women, I hate the idea of seeing crow’s feet, fine lines, laugh lines, and dark spots appear on my face and skin.

Surely but slowly they show up, always when we don’t expect them. And when they do it’s too late.

Anti Aging Secrets from Marilou Bio

Anti Aging Treatment : 3 Body Parts to Always Keep in Mind

If you are a busy person just like me, which are the parts of your body you should focus on to  prevent aging? Keep on reading to know.

In our daily life, when trying to slow down the aging process, we do usually only prioritize our face. It is normal and common as it is the first thing we see in the mirror. But here is where we are mistaken!

Our face should not be our only preoccupation. Two other parts of our body should be consider wisely: our neck and our hands.


Beside the face, neck and hands are considered to be the two parts of the body that reveal the most aging.

If your face still looks young but your neck doesn’ looks pretty awkward, right?!The same thing happens with your hands. You’re facing a huge gap between the age your face appears to be and the one you really are.

Body Part to Focus you Anti Aging Action - Marilou Bio

What’s the most unfortunate is the fact that we usually tend to forget neck and hands and only treat and care our face when we’re in a hurry.

It’s not for any reason the famous Karl Lagerfield always hides his neck and the backs of his hands, they show aging more than the face itself.
We touch with hands, we use them all the time, for any kind of things and any kind of reasons. The skin is thinner on the neck so when the process of aging starts our cells deteriorate faster than where the skin is thicker.

Using Natural Anti-Aging Products de Marilou Bio

Using Natural Anti-Aging Products

In order to prevent skin aging as much as possible, I chose to use natural anti-aging cosmetics.

I like to rely on products that won’t damage my skin and affect it. For that I always tend to stay away from chemical exposure and select natural based beauty products.
One bad effect of chemical components is that once we put them on our skin it’s automatically being absorbed into it. Some research state that up to 60% is absorbed, others say a little less. Anyway, here are the facts.

Those chemicals also work as free radicals which are definitely increasing the aging effect of our skin.

Applying Anti Aging Cream from Marilou Bio

When trying natural anti-aging cosmetics for the first time, I found they were working more effectively and efficiently than the others. This is reason for I only rely now on natural anti-aging products.

My Anti-Aging Essential Kit

The anti-aging products set I use on a daily basis include :

  • An anti-wrinkle cream: it’s texture is absolutely wonderful. It doesn’t grease the skin, acts as an anti-aging product while moisturizing it at the same time.
  • hand-cream: I love it smell and its immediate effect on my skin.
  • An eye-contour gel: really easy to use, brightens my look every morning.

As a part of this anti-aging ritual, I also use a body cream to hydrate my whole body. Remember that  hydrating your skin from day-to-day will keep it healthy and radiant-glowing and as a matter of facts it’ll slow down aging.

Least, once a week, I like to apply a body scrub. It helps removing dead skin cells and make min skin more youthful.

My Anti-Aging Routine

I’m quite a busy person.

My anti age routine comes in two moments:

  • the morning before I go to work
  • and the evening when I come back home.

Every morning, when I wake up and just before breakfast, I take a shower. Right after I prepare and treat my face AND neck with my anti-wrinkle cream.

This way, I’m sure the precious anti aging cream have enough time to penetrate my dermis while having breakfast. I apply it for at least 2 minutes doing some little massages.

Massages are ideal for the product to act faster. On top of that they stimulates facial muscles.

DO NOT forget your neck! It really has to be part of your day-to-day skincare routine.

Anti Aging Routine from Marilou Bio

After 10-15 minutes, then I use my eye contour gel. I apply the roller ball around my eyes. No less than 1-2 minutes for each of them.

When I go back to work, after chilling a bit and doing my stuffs, I wash my face. I then apply a second time this anti-wrinkle cream of mine. Doing exactly what I previously did the morning.

Anti-Aging Tip : Be Gentle but Deep With Your Skin

Trust me when I say the massage phase is important.

It will keep the blood flowing in your face and will make it looking healthier.

That’s what I always do and I personally saw a significant reduction in the appearance of coarse wrinkles than without doing them.

Doing massages, even if they don’t last long, makes your creams and products work faster.

Skin Massage as an Anti-Aging tip from Marilou Bio

If I directly go to sleep, I also apply my hand cream that will improve skin smoothness and slower the hand aging process. Similarly, I do a little massage of 1-2 minutes. Having dry hands also accelerate aging hands.

As I said, we touch with hands. And it’s not very pleasant to feel or shake people’s dry hands.

I personally treat them every night. I prefer to do it at night cause like this I’m sure I won’t have to touch anything, I won’t sweat in transport and it’ll have time to penetrate my skin.

Concerning my body scrub, I often do it on Sunday, as part of the end of the week relaxing process. Like this I feel like I am going to start the week right, you know.

So when using the body scrub, I make sure to apply it in every part of my face except the eye zone which is extremely sensible. Then, I do some circular motions light massage on my face for about 2-3 minutes.

You are good to go!

6 Additional Ways to Slow Down the Aging Process

Now that you all know my anti-aging secrets, I would like to share with some of the 6 extra-ways I have to slow down the aging process:

1- Mens Sana in Corpore Sano (a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body) :

Some food speed up the aging process.

In my case, I always try to eat healthy as much as I can.This means eating vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins, etc., ideally organic, in a balanced way. (

2- Drink White and Green Tea:

White and green are high with anti-aging antioxidants thus they are good for the body and help preventing wrinkles. (

Drinking Tea as Anti Aging tip from Marilou Bio

3- Don’t Smoke :

I’ve never smoked and I don’t plan to anytime.

I know it’s easy for someone like me saying that to a smoker. But I really mean it, smoking is terrible for the skin. When you’re young it doesn’t affect it. But in 10-20 years you’ll see its effects and it’s nothing pretty about.

Smocking emphasizes wrinkles in some places that you wouldn’t have expected them to be. It makes your teeth darker, makes your throat and your hands look older.

I’m serious about it. If you look at some of your relatives or friends who smoke … maybe you’ll see my point.

4- Drink Less Alcohol

I love to go for drinks. Always have some parties going on with friends. But drinking too much also affects the skin. For that, I drink but reasonably… and you may consider it as well-

5- Work Out

So many studies have shown the benefits of sport towards our body, I won’t surprise you with this tip.Working out increases the blood flow, make our heart stronger and among other things protects the genetic material in our cells, thus slowing the aging effect.

Working Out as Anti Aging tip from Marilou Bio

6- Sleep

We all need at least 8 hours of sleep / day. That’s the average. I personally need more than that. Some people need less. Anyway with a good sleep hygiene comes a good mental and physical health.

Extra Anti Aging Tip: Be Careful with Sleep Wrinkles

I learnt that sleeping on the side accentuates wrinkles. If you’re a side-sleeper, a V of wrinkles in the chest will appear with time. Depending on which side of the bed you sleep, extra wrinkles will appear on your cheeks. So one side will be more marked than the other.

Before, I used to be a side-sleeper and since I learnt that, I forced myself to sleep on the back with the head elevated so that I sleep better.

Sleep as Anti Aging tip from Marilou Bio

I know some people have some breath problems and can only sleep on the side. For that I’m not an expert in sleeping so I can’t advise you there.

Ready to Stay Young Forever?

It is now clear what you need to do to prevent the natural aging process to deteriorate your skin.

You may think that you are too young to go with anti aging routine but remember that the earlier the better. In fact I strongly believe, and many women could confirm, that when the wrinkle appear it is kind of too late.

So invest now, and push forward in time the appearance of this ungrateful sign of age.

Now that you all know my anti-aging secrets, I am very interested in knowing yours.
What is your selection of anti aging cosmetics?
What are your beauty tips?

Everything you want to share is more than welcome. 

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