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Skin Moisturizing: Crazy Addiction or Mere Necessity?

Posted by Marilou on

I have a confession to make: I like moisturizing my skin.

Actually, to be really honest with you, I am a bit obsessed about it. I do it a few times a day - and by few times, I mean almost all day long.

I swear I don't do it because I am a crazy girl addicted to skin hydrating. I mean, I am actually addicted to skin moisturizing, but I have many reasons for that, which I am going to explain to you right now.

Skin Moisturizing: Crazy Addiction or Mere Necessity

Skin Moisturizing is truly the foundation of your beauty.

And keeping your skin healthy has never been this important, at a time where pollution and stress are everywhere.

So much skin stress increases the risk of skin dryness and dullness, and this is what it is so important to moisturize your skin all day long.

You have to make sure your skin is glowing and radiant!

Moisturizing the Skin From the Morning

For me, it starts right when I wake up in the morning. I go shower, and right away, I put skin moisturizing lotion on my body and my face.

Now, there are 2 things you have to know:

  • first of all, after you showered, when the water dries, it is also drying your skin. So it is essential that every time you put water on your skin, you moisturize it right away.
  • The second thing you girls have to know is that your skin face is very sensitive - much more than your body skin. So you should use 2 moisturizing products adapted to each part, one for the body and another for the face skin. This will ensure to give you a proper skin moisturizing.

After this, I just love getting out of my house because I feel so confident. I am clean, my skin is glowing and radiant.

One of the best feelings in the world! Definitely worth the effort of a strict daily skin moisturizing routine.

Keeping the Skin Moisturized and Cool at the Office

Then I go to work, where I sit in an air-conditioned office.

Luckily, I always have the perfect skin moisturizing products in my bag to help me go through the day.

An Addiction to Hand Moisturizer

Because my skin is quite sensitive, the A/C has a tendency to dry it. In order to restore its softness, I always have a hand moisturizing cream within reach.

We all know how sensitive to external conditions the skin hand may be. And today, great moisturizer products can help the skin of your hands to regain its softness.

You have to remember that this is important all year long, but really ESSENTIAL in winter, where the cold is very aggressive with your skin.

In winter, I use tons of skin moisturizing cream. I can tell you it is worth it, because I have a smooth and soft-as -silk skin during the whole winter, and I swear all my colleagues are jealous about it.
And all I have to thanks for this is to have a trusty hand cream.

Well, not exactly, actually. Because I also have other tips that I use at the office that can be summarized in one verb: Drinking.

Yes, because the appearance of your skin depends on what you put on it, but also what is under it.

What you put inside your body will be reflected in the skin.

Detoxing and Hydrating the Skin from Within

So that means that in order to have a flawless skin, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Which means eating appropriate food - and by that I want to say fruits and vegetables- and drinking hydrating beverages.

By beverages, I mean first of all, water.

Lots of it.

If there is something you can consume without moderation, its water.

Some experts say you have to drink 8 full glasses minimum a day to help your body to get rid of toxins. This will make your skin fresher and will give you a healthier look. Remember, after all, that your skin is 64% water!

Then I suggest you to skip all the soft drinks and carbohydrated sodas that are packed with sugar and start drinking green tea, which will work wonders for your skin. Because green tea has many antioxidants, it will help protect your skin from UV radiation and decrease redness and inflammation.

Another thing I do, especially in winter, is to keep a humidifier in my desk and to use it on my face to keep my skin moisturized even in bad weather conditions.

All these little habits that are now part of my day have become a way for me to let the stress out. Every time I use the hand cream, I am taking a break from my work day and I take a few minutes to take care of myself.

When I drink my tea, I feel that I am detoxing my body and it makes me feel healthy and energized.

These daily rituals help me to take regular breaks and to take my mind off my work and my problems. It structure my day while keeping my skin in shape. And when I go back to my work, I feel calmer and more focused on what I have to do. These habits really became a fundamental part of my day.

After work, I might have activities or meeting with friends. And then finally, I can go home and unwind.

At that time, my day might be almost over, but my skin beauty routine is not, believe me!

The Essentials of my Evening Skin Care

So if there is one thing I NEVER skip, it's my evening skin care.

In order to keep a glowing skin, that is the most important step of my day. Because when I am comfortably sleeping at night, I know that is the moment where my body is losing a lot of water.

And it is also the time for my body cells to repair and rebuild. So before going to sleep I’ll take the proper dedication to Moisturize my Skin.

These are the imperatives I always do before going to bed:

  1. First of all, I thoroughly clean my skin from the dirt and the make up. I adapt my cleanser to my skin type. And I am always very careful about removing my make up, because if I don't, it will make my skin age faster and produce more sebum, that would result in acne (which I don't particularly like).
  2. When I am done with the cleaning part, I go to my favourite part: Moisturizing my skin. I use my favorite body lotion carefully on my body parts, especially on my hand, elbows and feet. I use my face moisturizer on my sensitive skin face. I love using products designed for the evening care because they usually contains lots of anti-aging ingredients.

Applying these skin moisturizing products, with a soft yet deep massage comes with a relaxing benefit. This is for sure one of the best treat one can give herself before bed. Have a try...

How Much Do You Need a Skin Moisturizing Routine?

Now girls, maybe you think that you don't really have time for all of this skin moisturizing thing.

So you will try to stick to just one or two things, like drinking lots of water, or hydrating your skin after showering. But you have to keep in mind that keeping your skin flawless requires true efforts.

Doing just one thing everyday won't give you the glowing and radiant skin you are dreaming about but it may help you prevent some skin agressions.

In order to have a perfect skin, you need to follow a strict daily skin moisturizing routine.

You must do a combination of all of these, drinking water, but also applying skin moisturizing products in a regular manner.

So I know that you may think I am doing too many things to protect my skin - I told you, I am a bit of a skin moisturizing addict. But you don't have to do ALL of it.

That being said, I strongly advise you to be serious about it and to dedicate some time and efforts. When you will see the effects on your skin, I PROMISE you will find it completely worthy.

Give it a try!

So now, you know pretty much everything about my daily skin moisturizing routine.

After that I shared all that I do, I would be super interested to know what you girls are doing to keep your skin moisturized, glowing and energized.

Do you have tips to share?

Are you using particular products on your skin?

You remember I said that your lifestyle is important for your skin care, like what you eat and what you drink.

Are you being careful also about what you put in your body?

If yes, what do you do?

All your comments and suggestions are very welcome, as I looove to know more about you, your beauty habits and rituals.

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