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Marilou Bio's Cosmetics are 100% Not Tested on Animals

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Today, I would like to talk to you about something a little more serious than usual. I would like to have a discussion about animal testing in the cosmetic industry.

You know that I just love giving  tips and advice about beauty care, a subject that -obviously!- excites me.
And today's article is still going to be about cosmetics, but I am also going to talk about animals, and how they are sometimes involved in the beauty business.

Marilou Bio is 100% Not Tested on Animals

You are probably wondering : what is the link between cosmetics and animals? Well this is exactly what I am about to explain to you in this article.

When Cosmetics Companies Test their Products on Animals

Don't worry, we haven't decided to start manufacturing cosmetic products for animals (at least not yet). Unfortunately, even though animals don't wear make up (still not yet), they are sometimes involved in the whole cosmetic products business.

How is it so?

Because it is cheap and easy to do, some companies decide to test their cosmetics on animals. Testings are often made on rabbits, mice or rats. These poor creatures have chemicals forced down on them, leading to abuse, suffering, and sometimes even death.
This is an old method that has been used for decades. And unfortunately, still today, many big companies continue to do it.

Marilou Bio DO NOT Test Products on Animals

In the United States, unlike others parts of the world like in the European Union or India, there is no ban on testing cosmetics on animals.
Consequently, some companies keep making and selling products tested on animals.
Because of this, many lab pets suffer from abuse every day.

No lab pets suffer from abuse in Marilou Bio

In today's world, there are more and more alternatives to animal testing: for example, it is possible to test products on tissue structures produced from human cells.
It exists many non-animal alternatives that can predict the human health effects. This is why it is so incomprehensible to keep using animals as guinea pigs.

Marilou Bio, a Brand Certified Cruelty-Free

At Marilou Bio, we believe it is  NOT acceptable to test cosmetics on animals. Our philosophy is that animals don't belong to us: they are not ours to wear, experiment on, or abuse.
We deeply respect them, and we guarantee that none of our products are tested on them.

Not Tested on Animals

We are very upset that animal testing is still a method being used by corporations and we are fighting for a world more compassionate and protecting of all kind of lives.

If We Don't Test on Animals, How Do We Make Sure Cosmetics Are Not Bad for the Skin?

Today, thanks to progress in science and technology, many alternatives exist when it comes to testing products before commercializing them.

The fact that we don't test our products on animals does not mean that we don't test them at all, on the contrary!
We just use other methods that don't involve the use of animals.

We don't test our products on animals

Our products are all dermatologically tested to guarantee than you can use them safely.
We would never sell anything that could damage your skin. 

But in our process of testing, we just refuse to harm defenseless animals. It is totally possible to produce new and safe cosmetics without any animal testing, in a cruelty-free manner.

Want to Know More about the Issue of Animal Testing?

Different initiatives exist to fight against Animal Testing, if you would like to know more about it.

The Leaping Bunny Program is an internationally recognized Logo that guarantees Leaping Bunny Certified brands to be cruelty-free towards animals.

Leaping Bunny certification

Peta ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an organization that works towards the end of cruel experiments on animals. It is the largest animal right organization in the world. They also have a cruelty free logo called Beauty without Bunnies.

To support animal rights, you should buy only cosmetics brands that are certified NOT tested on animals. Marilou Bio is one of these cruelty-free brands that you can purchase without worrying that some animals were involved in the conception process of cosmetics.

Marilou Bio is one of these cruelty-free brands

And once again, not being tested on animals does not mean that there is a risk the product might damage your skin. Actually, new methods of testing that don't involve animals are more accurate and reliable than animal testing. 

For this reason, Marilou Bio's products are absolutely safe to use on your skin.

What do you think about testing cosmetics on animals?
Are you informed about it, did you heard about this issue? Are you careful about buying cruelty-free brands?
Is it an important criterion for you?
Or maybe that's not something you care about when you buy cosmetics?

Tell us what you think! 

We are always looking for your opinions and insights that help us to offer you better products.

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