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​The Secrets of Natural Hair Care

Posted by Marilou on

A good natural hair care routine is an absolute must to complete your beauty routine. Indeed, your hair is an essential part of the way you look, and like other parts of the body, it needs some work to maintain its appearance.

Taking care of your hair is something you should dedicate some efforts to. Just like your skin, your hair needs to be pampered to look nice and feel nice. But in order to take a good care of it, you need to be well-informed about it and know exactly which actions to take.

This is what this article is all about: we are going to show you how to take care of this essential part of your look. Maintaining a healthy hair routine is nothing complicated once you know a little more about your hair and your scalp.

Follow us while we explain how to implement the best natural hair care for you!

The Secrets of Natural Hair Care

In Term of Hair Care, Go Natural

In your everyday life, lots of things can damage your hair: sun, sea water, pollution, and many more.
This is why it is so important to be careful about your hair that is very sensitive to the environment you are in.

Because your hair is already subject to many exterior aggressions, you have to protect it as much as you can.
This is true everywhere you live: in big cities, contamination will damage your hair, but even if you live far from cities, nature may also do it, with exposure to the sun or the salt of the sea.

That is why there is one word around which our whole hair care philosophy revolves: Natural.

Term of Hair Care, Go Natural

Because the last thing your hair needs is products made with hard chemicals that will, on the long term, damage your scalp. No, what your hair is craving for is  good and natural ingredients that will use the treasures of nature to enhance them.

Natural Ingredients Above All

Your choice of hair products and the ingredients contained inside is essential in your beauty and hair care routine.

Nowadays, it can be overwhelming to choose something when you are facing dozens of different kind of hair care products in the shelves of the supermarket, or in an online shop on a website. If there is one only thing you should remember while making your choice, it's to always Go Natural.

Why is it important? Because your hair and scalp need natural ingredients containing minerals and nutrients that will strengthen and protect your hair. These ingredients will also give it radiance and flexibility.

Natural Ingredients Above All

Natural Hair Care Products VS Industrial Cosmetic Product

Traditional industrial  shampoo and conditioners are packed with synthetic chemicals that will prevent a healthy growth and appearance. On the contrary, natural hair care products are way better at pampering your hair and your scalp.

First of all, they don't have Parabens or plastics inside, substances known to have bad side effects. They also don't contain as much sulfates as industrial products, a chemical known to irritate and break the hair after repeated washes.

Natural Hair Care Products

Finally, natural products are a lot more environmentally friendly: the ingredients they contain are used in a sustainable way and are carefully selected.

The maximum is done to preserve the environment. These products are using wildcrafted ingredients available in nature, and they know the importance of protecting the same nature that gives us valuable resources.

Natural Ingredients Offered by “Mother Nature”

In our increasingly urbanized world, we sometimes forget how much we owe to nature, and all the secrets it contains. And yet, we can use many things from our “Mother nature” to improve our daily life, including in the field of hair care cosmetics.

Natural Ingredients Offered by “Mother Nature”

Organic and natural products are trying to do exactly this: to safely use the wonders of nature in the everyday life, in a sustainable way. This is also true for hair care, where some natural ingredients are very effective to give you a natural and luxurious hair.

We will mention here a few of them:

  • Aloe Vera : add strength, promote hair growth, help to maintain the pH balance of the hair, relieve scalp itching. Deeply moisturize and protect against the environment.
  • Coconut Oil: Prevent hair loss and dandruffs, protect against hair damage, sooth the scalp and soften the hair
  • Argan Oil : great hair conditioner, restore softness, tame frizz and give hair shine : can be used as a styling agent.

Those are just examples of what you can find in the nature that can help you improve your hair, in a totally natural way. These ingredients used in organic natural products give you the best cosmetic : they keep you healthy and beautiful while respecting the environment.

Natural Diet for Healthy and Shiny Hair

Another crucial thing to know is that your diet has an effect on the appearance of your whole body - hair included. You can use the best products of the world, but if you have a terribly unhealthy diet, chances are your hair won't look flawless and shiny. This is explained by the fact that your scalp is being fed by a vein that carries your blood containing nutrients. And if there is a lack of nutrients in your blood, this has a direct effect on the hair, on its growth and its appearance.

So there are two main things that affect your hair: what you put directly on it -we mentioned it on the above paragraph- and what you put inside of it.Well technically, there is only one living part of the hair, and it is located under the scalp skin. That's the part that is greatly influenced by what is in your blood, aka what you are eating.

Natural Diet for Healthy and Shiny Hair

So your diet, in order to have the right nutrients, should contain protein, fruits, vegetables, fat and vitamins. Food such as cereals, fish, eggs, chicken and milk are recommended, as well as all kinds of fruits and vegetables. On the contrary, it is extremely inadvisable to smoke and to consume water and food that are heavy on metals.

Natural and Easy Tips for the Perfect Hair Care Beauty Routine

We have seen the importance of using natural and organic products and having a healthy. We are now going to give you tips to incorporate in your hair care routine. This list of natural and easy tips will help you to achieve the luxurious and flawless hair you have always dreamed of.

Always use a conditioner after every wash. Conditioning helps to close the cuticle of the hair and is supposed to coat it. It will make your hair silky and smoothy, as well as providing a protection against exterior agressions. Once you have clean hair, apply generous amount of conditioner on the point of the hair.

  • Don't hesitate to regularly make deep conditioning. You have two options here:
    • you can leave your regular conditioner on your hair from 15 minutes to 1 hour. After this, rinse thoroughly, and enjoy soft and smooth hair.
    • You can also cover your hair with a natural mixture of natural ingredients, such as vegetable oils mixed with natural moisturizers, like yogurt or honey. You can find many different and very easy recipes online. You leave it all night long, and you wash it in the morning. Believe me, you will experience shiny and healthy hair like never before.
  • Brushing your hair is a great way to distribute the natural oils produced by your scalp through the hair- even more so if you use a natural bristle brush. Natural oils are moved to the ends of the hair, effectively nourishing those parts. When you untangle your hair, do it from the ends or your hair towards the scalp.
  • Protecting against heat : too much use of products such as hair dryer and straightener can lead to split ends. Indeed, these products are using heat that can damage the hair. Try as much as possible not to expose your hair to the heat.
  • Using natural moisturizers products gives hair flexibility, strength and shine. This is especially important for people with very dry hair. When choosing a moisturizer, you should be careful about its composition : try to go for an organic product that doesn't use heavy chemical substances and that contain vitamin and oils that can be put safely into your hair and your scalp.

Hair Care Beauty Routine

Above are our favorite tips when it comes to Natural Hair Care. These are just suggestions, as it exists many other things you can do to have flawless and healthy hair.
Furthermore, you should always adapt those ideas to your hair type, as some women have very greasy hair, and others very dry hair. Greasy and oily hair needs don't need as much moisturizing and hydration as dry hair.
At the end, you should stick to a Hair Care Routine that feels good for you.

We would be really thrilled if you would like to share here some of your own tips, if you have some.
We are always looking forward to know more about you and your habits.
We are also very interested if you use natural ingredients and products that we didn't mention here.

Tell us what you think! Do you have a precise hair care routine?
Do you do it every day, or every week, or even every month?
Did you notice a change in your hair?

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