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Christmas Time, Between Excitement and Preparation

Posted by Marilou on

If you are anything like me, Christmas is a great time for you.

Personally, I start thinking about the preparation months before with great excitement, because I want everything to be perfect. I start decorating the house, thinking about my outfit, and of course, making my sacred gift list.

Christmas Time Excitement

But again, if you are anything like me, Christmas is also a pretty stressful time. Yes, it is great to see your family again and to listen to Christmas songs together. But all the preparations have a tendency to make me nervous.

Chasing the Perfect Christmas Gift

One nice part of this holiday is the fact that you are going to buy gifts for your family.
That can also be quite hard, because you don't want anyone to feel disappointed by what you got them.

Personally, I always find it harder to buy for men than for women.
Because you can buy so many things to a girl: nice clothes, nice beauty products, nice jewelry.

Well, I guess those who know me well already know what is my favorite thing to offer for Christmas…

Yes, that's right:  Natural cosmetics!

To me, that's something that will always make the person happy, and that will be used for sure.

Christmas perfect Gift

I will tell you a secret : this christmas, I fell for the  argan oil range that has an amazing scent and great results on the skin.

You can find great  body milk and nutritious creams. These are nice gifts especially for women.

For the men of my family, I have a harder time.

I sometimes actually also buy cosmetics for them - yes, men too have a skin that needs moisturizing!

But I also try to get them some other things. If you have some ideas for me, I would like to hear about them in the comments section, because this can be quite hard for me to find the right gift!

Allow Yourself to Have Some “Me” Time

In the midst of the excitement of Christmas, it can be complicated to find some alone time.
Yet, moments to relax will help you to handle this holiday season with more energy and a good mood. This is why you need to allow yourself to chill, and not to overbook your Christmas schedule.

Taking an afternoon or a night just for yourself isn't just normal, it is essential. Go for a walk outside, staying in your bed reading your favorite book, run a bath with no obligations in front of you are a few ways to let the pressure out.

Christmas Me Time

Another thing you should do during your “me” time is to take good care of your body. At christmas time, the cold is usually making the skin drier and more sensitive. This is why applying moisturizers and conditioners will help you to maintain a glowing body, and to fight skin irritation or redness.

These breaks from the frenzy of holiday season will allow to recharge your batteries and to be even more present when you gather with your loved ones.

You will feel more energized and radiant, and will look better than ever. And we all know how important it is to look good for the Christmas selfies your nephews and parents will beg you to take with them!

How ‘Bout you? How Will you Spend your Christmas Time?

So I spilled my Christmas secrets for you in this article on how to maintain my energy and be organized. I try to be on schedule with my Christmas Gift List, and I never skip to have some time for myself, to unwind and take a rest.

Christmas Family Love

So you have other tips during Christmas? 
Do you manage to buy all the gifts before Christmas Night?
How do you stay on top during this sometimes stressful time? Share here your habits and tips with our community, in the comments section!

And, of course, don't forget to have a Merry Christmas

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