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4 Essential Reasons to Go for Natural Cosmetics

Posted by Marilou on

Natural cosmetics are no longer an Elite extravaganza. It is a mainstream trend you cannot (and should not) ignore... Here I'm going to tell you why ... and why you should give it a try.

Choosing Natural Cosmetics

Let's face it, natural products are everywhere... You can (obviously) find organic products in supermarkets and grocery stores, but also in pharmacies and more recently in beauty outlets.

You may wonder why. I believe the natural dimension of organic product is way more than just a marketing bias.  Natural cosmetic products are more efficients, overall better for the health and for the well-being of our planet.

1- Natural Cosmetics are Good for the Environment (or at least Less Damaging)

In order to be cost efficient, the Traditional Cosmetic Industry generally incorporate chemicals and petrochemical derivatives in their products.

As an alternative, the Natural Cosmetic Industry uses natural ingredients. This market is built upon environmentally friendly processes and eco-innovation.

Natural Cosmetics are Environment friendly

In terms of packaging, natural cosmetics attempt to select less environment contaminated components. They actually try to reduce plastic pollution use (and other petroleum derivatives) and cardboard or non recycled cardboard/paper.

The industry is very self conscious about its impacts and tries to limit as much as possible waste production, for example by reducing the usage of blister packaging.

Marilou Bio is Ecorcert Certified in FranceIn this eco-friendly commitment, you need to know that Marilou Bio is ECOCERT certified in France.

Even if ECOCERT is not a US certification, it is important to understand that this French certification ensures that at least 95% of ingredients included in those products are of natural origin.

Also, the label requires that at least 10% of those products come from "Agriculture Biologique" (read Organic Agriculture in French criteria).

So, going for natural cosmetics is more than a Beauty statement. It is a commitment to reducing your Ecological footprint or Polluting impact.

2- Natural Cosmetics are Actually Good for Your Skin

Natural ingredients are proven to be as efficient (or even more) as the chemical originated ingredients.

Natural Cosmetics Skin Benefits

Most natural ingredients are known for centuries or even millenaries, by traditional cultures and ancient civilizations.

Argan Oil properties have been used by Moroccan women for centuries.

Ancient Egyptian Queens adopted Aloe Vera as a Beauty complement. An egyptian papyrus, dated from 1550 BC., stated that Egyptian Queens associated its use with their physical beauty. Queen Cleopatra herself knew than Ancient Greek and Romans wowed its cicatrizing and anti age properties. Aloe Vera had a good presence in her vanity table.

Aloe Vera Properties

Natural ingredients hence have proven their efficiency through History. 

As a defining statement, Natural Cosmetics are excluding certain possibly toxic (or at least highly questioned) ingredients such as parabene, synthetic colouring or perfumes... Cosmetics like Marilou Bio's offer a clear guarantee not to damage your skin with with none aggressive agents.

By including the best of natural ingredients and more importantly by excluding nasty chemical components. Your skin gains in health and reveals itself as a glowing asset.

3- Natural Cosmetics are Trendy and even Glamour.

Natural and Organic food has been trendy for decades now.

Yet, the trends slowly but surely found its way to other sectors. In this path, cosmetics got greener... for the benefits of all.

It is no longer a Hippie thing.

Natural cosmetics got all the more sophisticated, professionals, innovating and moderns.

Natural cosmetics are combining innovation and natural benefits for the good of all.

Natural Cosmetics: A Trend for Glamorous Stars

It is no wonder trend setters adopted it as part of a healthier way of life mixing a more balanced and natural alimentation, a physical activity and the use of natural cosmetics.

Stars, such as Monica Bellucci, Marion Cotillard or Jessica Alba (and so many more), have adopted this cosmetics tsunami trend.

More, they are so convinced about the benefits of those products that they've become glamorous ambassadors of this natural cosmetics trend.

They show us the example, we might be interested in following them.

4- Natural Cosmetics are Now Affordable

If celebrities use natural cosmetics, it does not mean those are only luxury, high priced and elite products.

It is true that some of the first line and luxury brands sensed the trend early and have created natural cosmetics lines a long time for their wealthy markets.

Since then, things have changed.

Natural Cosmetics actually use Cheaper Ingredients

Now, specialized Natural cosmetics brands like Marilou Bio took the oath to offer the very best of nature in beauty products at a friendly price.

Natural ingredients are somehow more accessible than petroleum derivatives and chemical products.

Multiple innovations in the manufacturing processes have allowed brands to reduce their costs.

Natural Cosmetics Innovating Processes

Brands such as Marilou Bio have reflect this cost efficiency on the retail price to make the qualitative Natural Cosmetics accessible to most women.

Isn’t it great to count with amazing natural product as a friendly price? You tell me.

Are you Convinced Yet?

By now, you know all the benefits of Natural cosmetics.

You may support one or various of the arguments I shared here.

Whether you find that reducing environmental impacts is important, the skin health benefit essential, the trendiness interesting or or soft-prices an advantage, going for naturals cosmetics is good for you.

If you still have doubts, I'll encourage you to give it a try.

Give Natural Cosmetics a Try

Make yourself your own experience. It really worth the try.

Test it, enjoy it and let us know what would be your very own reasons to go for Natural Cosmetics.

We are all ears!

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