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Argan Oil, the Beauty Elixir from Morocco

Posted by Marilou on

When it comes to cosmetics, Argan Oil is now a must.

If you are looking for a luxurious, nourishing and non-greasy oil to integrate in your beauty routine, look no further.

Argan Oil, The Beauty Elixir From Morocco

You are not alone: I have been looking for it too. And very luckily, after lots of research and disappointments, I finally found the miraculous oil, hidden in the North of Africa, closely guarded by the locals.

Whispers of old Moroccan women guided me to it, and now that I found the perfect product, I am never letting it go. So if you want to know everything about this gold liquid, pay attention and let me present it to you.

Argan Oil, a Precious Elixir with Many Uses

Something funny about Argan Oil is the fact that it has become popular very recently, around 10-15 years ago whereas it has been discovered long before, around 1550 B.C.

How exactly is Argan Oil made ? 

Argan Oil is coming from a small fruit of a tree that is endemic in Morocco: The Argan tree. This tree can live up to 200 years.

Thanks to their deep roots, Argan trees have been able to survive in desert areas of the Mediterranean sea. The resulting nuts gives the precious Argan Oil that has been used by generations of women in Morocco for its inestimable properties.

In fact, those fruits are then hand-cracked in order to break away the hull. Then it’s getting grinded until having a runny paste. After that only, the paste is getting squeezed (still by hands) in order to extract the oil. 

Did you know that Argan Oil is a very multifunctional product?

It has many purposes: you can use it as food, medicine and beauty product.

Eat… Argan Oil as a Select Seasoning

Eat… Argan Oil as a Select Seasoning

In Morocco, this very nutritious oil is typically used on couscous, salads or bread.

The beneficial effects on health include chemopreventive and anti inflammatory properties. It is also a great substitute for other oils when it comes to level of cholesterol: it can block the absorption of bad cholesterol in your intestine, and protect you from health complications. It is said to help with many health issues including excessive weight gain, poor digestion or bladder problems.

Some people even drink it every morning at breakfast because of its positive outcomes on health.

Cure… The Healing Properties of Argan Oil

Furthermore, Argan Oil has incredible healing properties.

Because it is so rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E and unsaturated acids such as Oleic (also known as Omega–9) and Linoleic (Omega–6), it can help with skin problems and bug bites by easing the inflammation. It prevents the growth of warts, fade scars, and even break down tumorous skin cells. It is also very effective to cure rash skin, acne and eczema, because of the antioxidants and fatty acids contained in it.

Cure… The Healing Properties of Argan Oil

And if you are looking for a relief from your sore muscles and joints, use it on your affected area and let it penetrate to relieve your pain.

...And Love ! (your Skin)

Because of its minerals and vitamins, it is also a valuable beauty product that can be used for many parts of the body.

It is a natural revitalizer of skin, hair, face and nails, as well as an UV- protector. It is also famous for its use as an age-old beauty secret because it reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

...And Love ! (your Skin)

Argan Oil, your Beauty Booster

As you may have see it, Argan oil has a lot of key properties, many in the beauty department.

Including this precious elixir in your beauty routine will bring you many benefits.Here is a list of 10 uses of the Argan Oil for your beauty:

  • Exfoliating: Argan Oil will help to remove your dead skin and refresh your face.
  • Body Moisturizer: Use the oil on your whole body to enjoy its moisturizing properties.
  • Hair Conditioner: Using the argan oil as a conditioner after the shampoo will protect your hair against the heat of products such as hair dryers, curlers and flat irons
  • Nails: soften, moisturize and encourage nail growth, as well as fight nail and skin infections.
  • Bath oil: Add drops of Argan Oil into your bath for a relaxing moment.
  • Split Ends : Prevent drying and make the hair less prone to breaking. It also helps some colorants to seal and to last more time.
  • Nighttime Moisturizer: After cleansing your skin before bedtime, apply the Argan Oil on your face and neck and leave it overnight for deep tissues moisturizing
  • Premature Aging: the fatty acids contained in the oil work very well to reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and age spots.
  • Pregnancy: the argan oil works wonders to protect against the development of stretch marks, which are an issue for a lot of pregnant women.
  • Lip Moisturizer: Especially recommended in winter, argan oil is guaranteed to keep your lips plump, soft and supple.

And so on… this list is far from being exhaustive.

Argan Oil, your Beauty Booster

Have you Tried this Beauty Elixir?

With the unique properties Argan Oil contains, you can use this precious liquid for many, many purposes. Since I discovered it, I cannot get enough of it, and I use it for pretty much everything. It has become an essential in my beauty routine.

So now that you know much more about this golden liquid, would you like to try it? What do you think about such a multi-functional product?

Did you know about all the properties of this unique oil? And if you already use it, what do you think of it?

I want to know everything, so don't hesitate to share your experiences or what you think about it in the comments section. I am always looking to find out about new ways of using my precious argan oil, so if you have tips and ideas, please share them with all of us!

I am sure it would be beneficial not only to me, but to all the girls who are looking for natural products good for their health, their skin and their well being.

Have you Tried this Beauty Elixir?

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