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My Beauty Routine (and My Little Secret)

Posted by Marilou on

Beauty Routine from a (Very) Busy Girl named Marilou

Everyone has their own Beauty routine. Mine is unique, like me.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it's better, I’m saying it's as unique as yours.

But it’s more than just a regular beauty routine. Because it includes a secret I learned a long time ago. And I’d like to share that secret here, with you girls. But just between us! So pay attention.

My secret is part of my weekly beauty routine, and it’s what makes it so special.

Wanna know what it is? Well, be patient and read what's next.

A Beauty Routine for a Crazy Week

I have to confess something, and maybe you can relate to it as well: I’m a busy girl.

My weeks are out of control. They fly by! And that’s why I need to have a disciplined beauty routine and take some time for myself. Otherwise, all the frenzy would seriously drive me crazy.

On weekdays, I get up early.

I do my morning beauty routine and get dressed.

I go to work.

After a busy workday, where I barely have a minute for myself, I either meet friends after work, do errands or fulfill some other obligation. Yes, the life of a 21st-century woman is busy!

Only after finishing all my errands and obligations can I finally come back home.

Now, being home doesn’t mean lazing about.

There are so many things to do before finally taking care of myself and getting the beauty rest everyone needs.


Weekends are no less busy. It’s a different kind of busy.

Just like everyone else, my weekends are devoted to getting the house in order (yeah, I have to be honest, I’m a bit of a messy one), hanging out with friends and family, and taking care of myself. If there’s some time left, I can rest… And on especially good weekends, even do some peaceful meditation or yoga!

Yoga as parto of the Beauty Routine

2 days are just not enough.On Sunday nights, am I the only one thinking there should be another day in the weekend?

Now, I try never to skip my daily beauty routine. You know why?

Because my skin requires attention; my tan and glow vanish quicker than quick.

So, this beauty routine I’m talking about is a daily investment. But believe me, the dividends are invaluable.

A little concession to my busy schedule... A selfish moment to shine out for others.

Beauty Begins at Breakfast

6:30 AM Out of my Comfy bed

You know when they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, so is the morning beauty ritual. Right. Morning routine is soooo important.

It begins with breakfast.

And here I go full veggie.

Organic fruits sliced up, mixed with raw yogurt and some crunchy natural muesli.

On the side, as I'm an herbal infusion buff, I go with organic green tea and a detoxing slice of lemon.
Freshly pressed natural orange juice is my morning pleasure.

Beauty Routine from Breakfast

You see? Just natural products before getting to my vanity table...

Skin Care, a Morning Beauty Routine Priority

Facial skin care is my first focus.

Night cream removal, deep skin moisturizing, skin prep for makeup ... no wonder it takes me so long to get ready.

When it comes to skin care products, I have one mandatory rule tho: "Only use products with natural nutrients".

My experience with other products has been, let’s say, different...

Getting back to my morning beauty routine, I take my time.

I'm no makeup junkie, I just use what’s necessary to look natural all day long...

I get dressed quickly, if I find something to wear. Otherwise, it’s not so quick.

Last sips of my natural infusion, big breath and off to work.

The All-Day-Long Beauty Investment

8 AM Commuting

On the way to work, no beauty routine, no tips. Just trying not to get stressed out...

8.30 AM At my office desk

At work, I take care to stay properly hydrated with my organic infusions. My natural infusions follow me all day: either to give me a boost, calm me down or anything in between.

Organic Infusions as part of the office Beauty Routine

Air conditioning makes my skin so dry, I cannot stray more than 5 feet from my moisturizing cream... #Addict

At lunch, I go natural once again, mixing vegetable colors on my plate (greens, reds, yellows...) and textures. I love to add some crunchiness with seeds, and fun with dry fruits and some spices...

If there is even 1 ray of sunlight, I find 10 minutes during lunch break to go outside and enjoy the weather, no matter the temperature.

I’ve found out that a little sun is a key ally to skin beauty... try it out, you won't regret it.

Now, during the day, besides my moisturizing cream addiction or habit, my main beauty tip would be to let the stress out.

It’s way easier said than done, and yet trust me, stress is not a natural look or beauty companion.

It makes a huge difference at the end of the day and influences my night beauty routine, big time.

Night Shift Beauty Routine

5 PM Leaving the office

Marilou Getting out the Office

Depending on the day, I get back from work directly or I join some of my people for a night out. In such case no time to go home in between.

I do not leave the office without reinvigorating my skin and refreshing my makeup. I have a special beauty kit in my drawer containing makeup remover, a natural skin moisturizer and some makeup.

A girl should never go out looking tired, right?

9 PM Back Home

Even if I’ve gone out, I’m finally getting home.

Like Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home”. I repeat her wise words to myself every day as I’m coming into my house.

My night shift beauty routine is as important as the morning routine. After a light and tasty dinner, it's "me time" over makeup removal and a relaxing bath or peaceful shower... all with my organic infusions.

Never skip the makeup removal moment, especially around the eyes. Your skin health and overall glow will thank you.

I am a very big fan of micellar water. Soft, effective and utterly refreshing, this removal moment marks the beginning of a relaxing session. I sometimes use some removal milk for more precise cleaning but I tend not to overdo it. I like to stay as natural as possible.

Bath Time Beauty Tips

Once makeup free, I jump into a lukewarm (not too hot!) bath with natural salts if I have the time. Otherwise, a lukewarm shower will do.

Lukewarm Shower to Relax

I try to spend a proper amount of time for hair care.

Scalp massage with natural shampoo, in-depth hair care with conditioner, the right rinsing temperature for boosting shine. It’s not a science, but it’s all about doing the right things.

Sometimes I use body and face scrubs, but no more than once or twice a week.

You see, these in-depth cleansing products have a counter effect of damaging the superficial skin. That’s actually their purpose, but using them too much weakens the dermis and in the long term, makes it more tired. "Use it, but don't abuse it," like my mother always says.

Pre-Bedtime Routine, a Beauty Must!

10:30 PM Road to Bed

After bath time, I make sure my skin gets properly hydrated. I like to use a body milk for perfect skin care.

Facial care is the most important moment of this beauty routine.

I tend to use night creams to care for my face and the area around my eyes.

Besides wrinkle prevention, I found out that using natural products at night makes my skin much more resistant to everyday life pollutants and stressors.

I would not go to bed without putting these restful creams on...

Right there, you find the most relaxed version of me... At this very moment, I am ready to get some rest. I may watch some TV, browse the internet or even read a bit or just get into bed. It depends on what time it is and my mood.

They say that beauty rest requires 8 hours of sleep. Do “they” live in the real world? I would love 8 hours of sleep, but that is just not possible for a modern and busy woman, right? Tell me how to fit everything in and get my 8 hours. I really want to know!

Weekend Beauty Madness

My Saturday and Sunday

The only time I can potentially get those 8 hours of sleep are on weekends. And even then, it gets difficult as I like to do all the things I don’t have time for during the week, including, obviously, taking care of myself.

Beauty Routine on Week End begins at waking up

Besides the busy weekend schedule, which includes housework, shopping and meetups with friends and family, I also devote some time to my “special weekend” beauty routine.

I am one of those women who like (and regularly do) the cucumber eye treatment. Old school natural techniques always work.

But I live in the 21st-century and know that natural extracts and efficiency can be found in some store-bought cosmetics. I personally go for purifying masks. It’s a great way to revitalize my skin and prepare it for a new week.

  • On weekends, I tend to go all natural:
  • Little to no makeup to let my face rest.
  • Healthy and natural food.
  • Organic infusions and detoxing water for beverages...
  • Outdoor, or even better, out-of-the-city (in nature) activities...
  • Sun bathe as often as possible.
  • Relaxing and restful moments to round off these busy weekends of mine.

Doing nothing on the weekends is good for relaxing, and it has a lot of beauty benefits. Nature, personal care and relaxing moments are the most fundamental aspects of my weekend beauty routine.

Finally! My (Little) Beauty Secret

So, now you have an idea of my beauty routine. What do you think? Would you say it’s too much, not enough? I want to know!

Moreover, by reading through the lines, you may have figured out my beauty secret... Have you guessed what it is?

If you did, congratulations! My beauty secret is... NATURE

I make sure to always,- and when I say always, I mean it-, opt for the most natural way of doing things.

Eating natural foods is a great way to stay fit and have the necessary nutrients one needs.

Going out in nature and taking (short) sunbaths regularly are natural morale boosters as well as indispensable relaxing moments.

The same goes for beauty. Natural products, or at least nature-inspired products are the ones I’m most likely to choose. They have great results and make me shine in all situations.

You might say, That’s not a big secret! It's just common sense... OK! You’re right. And yet, it works!

Well, at least it's working for me and I enjoy sharing it with anybody who’s interested.

I don't know if you’ve ever tried it. If so, don’t hesitate to share your experiences right here.

On the same topic, I'd be happy to hear about your beauty tips and beauty routine. Let me know everything you want to share.

I’m listening!

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